Beate Brettschneider - Former head of social workers - Phoenix Namibia
“I regard Manuela as an extraordinary mature and self-confident person. She is hard working and dedicated in everything she does. She is outgoing but also humble and definitely has a good understanding about people and their needs. She is a good listener and has an inspiring view about simple life situations. She can motivate people and believes in their potential. She challenges herself and can laugh about herself. In her presence I feel relaxed and entertained.”
Dr. Petro Janse van Vuuren - Director - Playing Mantis
“Manuela has a unique combination of attention to detail coupled with a deep appreciation of people and their individuality. This makes for a sympathetic but thorough coach. Her hunger for understanding and interest in research supplies a theoretical foundation in psychology and the working of the human brain that underlies all her opinions and questions. With Playing Mantis she is now adding experience to her already well prepared knowledge base.”
Gwen Kloppers – CEO and Founder - Xtraordinary Women
“We had the pleasure of having Manuela as a Guest Speaker at two of our networking events on the topic of Positive Psychology. After our event in Somerset West her talk was so well received that there was a demand to have Manuela present the talk again at our Blouberg networking session. Manuela’s presentation was very professional and well presented. She demonstrated an expert knowledge on the topic and left us all feeling positive about our business. The topic was very well received by our guests and we highly recommend Manuela as a Guest Speaker for any event as thanks to her, our event was a huge success.”
Carol-Ann Savosnick - President of the Chuckle ‘n Chirp Toastmasters Club, Somerset West
"I have witnessed Manuela’s work when she facilitated one of our Toastmasters Youth Leadership courses. Manuela excells in the ability to meet and interact with learners at their own level. She turned a possibly boring ‘extra-mural’ class into lessons that were both interesting and fun for all concerned. She did this by presenting the information in a light-hearted, open and original way that made the learners WANT to participate and learn, as opposed to simply lecturing. Manuela has a natural way of speaking and putting people at ease as she tries to consider all points of view before adding her own input. When it comes to her facilitation skills, she works with insight and a genuine love of helping people. It is quite obvious that learners warm to her instantly and willingly work at whatever tasks she sets them, as she makes them feel like there was nothing they couldn’t do."
Wynanda Jacobs - Community organiser - Stellenbosch
“Manuela was my mentor for a year. She sat with me and always asked me questions about my life that moved me forward. She helped me to identify my goals and to see life in a more focused way. The sessions were always a stepping stone towards building something. I was confused before and the sessions gave me more perspective on how things could be like, instead of only seeing what the circumstances in front of me were at the time. I actually changed my life because of it. Even in my most personal life I have become more disciplined and gained more self control.”
Burgert Kirsten – Director - Playing Mantis
“Manuela is professional and yet very authentic in her interaction with clients.  She has an inner strength that drives her to do tasks with excellence.  Her open-mindedness helps her to think very creatively and connect with people.  She has a  positive outlook on life that is contagious and brings an energy that motivates individuals and groups to be more than they thought possible.”
Zandi Vaveki - Classy & Polished
“I totally recommend coaching with Manuela. She is so positive, encouraging, and consistent. With her support, I've achieved things I never thought possible for myself. I've learned things about myself that I didn't know, and I didn't even know that I needed to know them....She is super AWESOME”.