My name is Manuela Brand (née Glasbrenner). My career straddles both Germany, where I qualified as a psychologist, and Cape Town, South Africa, where I trained as a coach and learning facilitator.

I am fascinated by life, its mysteries and the capabilities of the human psyche. I believe every person plays an integral part in the raising of humanity's consciousness, chiefly by raising their own.

Metathoughts refers to the idea that thoughts are the driving force in our lives and the most powerful tool we have in order to grow as human beings (read more on Metathoughts here). My writing is intended to foster in you those kinds of thoughts that will enable you to achieve personal growth.

Besides the traditional models of clinical psychology and psychotherapy, I am also interested in newer streams of psychology that go beyond the focus on relieving disorders and rather aim to provide you with tools for achieving happiness and spiritual fulfilment (read more on Positive Psychology).

As a Coach, I work in the Co-Active Paradigm and my approach to facilitation focusses on Experiential Learning (see the methods I use below). As a psychologist I have contributed to neuroscientific research and am currently receiving clinical training as a behavioural psychotherapist.

Each of these approaches provides a path for you to follow on your search for answers and personal growth. The goal of this site is to illuminate the path ahead of you.


  • 4.5 years Psychology Degree from the University of Mannheim (Dipl.-Psych., Germany).
  • Internationally Accredited Coach (Accreditation by the International Coach Federation, ACC Level).
  • Since 2012: Associate with CIELARKO International Management Consultants, Cape Town, South Africa (Corporate clients include Draeger, VAG, Atlantis Foundries).
  • 2010-2013: Associate with Playing Mantis, Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa (Corporate clients include Sanlam Investment Management, Gen Re, Mediclinic).
  • Accredited Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator (Center of Appreciative Inquiry, USA)
  • Experience and Training as a facilitator using the following methodologies: Applied Improvisation, Positive Psychology Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, Story Strategy, [World Café Methodology](/glossary#world_cafe_methodology), Forum Theater, Transactional Analysis. * Publication: Houenou, J., Frommberger, J., Carde, S., Glasbrenner, M., Diener, C., Leboyer, M. et al. (2011). [Neuroimaging based markers of bipolar disorder: Evidence from two meta-analyses.]( Journal of Affective Disorders, 132(3), 344-355.
  • Received Positive Psychology Coaching Training with [Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener]( (USA)
  • From July 2014: receiving Clinical Psychology Training at the [German Society for Behavioural Psychotherapy, Munich, Germany.](
  • From July 2014: enrolled at the University of Bern, Switzerland, attaining a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy.