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Why Travelling is Real Life Condensed: 9 Lessons

The last months were marked by transition. Decisions and changes appeared ahead, as I redefined the road I’m choosing to travel. At the end stands the decision to leave South Africa for Europe, to do clinical psychology training in Munich, … Continue reading

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The path to happiness – Part II: What makes you (really) happy?

Read part I of this series: Why bad news is stronger than good news About a month ago, my financé and I were on holiday in Kwazulu-Natal and I was going to spend a day on my own. I was … Continue reading

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Hiking the Fish River Canyon in Namibia – Lessons Learned

This is an account of my personal experience hiking the Fish River Canyon, as well as a collection of tips and suggestions collected by our hiking group that will hopefully help others in preparing for this once in a life-time … Continue reading

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Trophy Hunting in the 21st Century

Learning to leave the camera at home and be in the moment A few days ago I joined what tourists call a “Safari” while South Africans refer to a “game drive”. Both mean cruising around in an open off-road vehicle, … Continue reading

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South Africa’s Hostile Online Communication

Sometimes the world wide web seems fraught with dangerous undercurrents that might just draw the unsuspecting surfer down into its murky depths. South African websites are no exception, and sooner or later when frequenting these sites, one will encounter a specific communication … Continue reading

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Imagine you find yourself in another world, where everything around you is different from what you’ve grown accustomed to. The people, the interactions and the environment build a stage for a fantasy circus where anything goes and any form of … Continue reading

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