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Turning Stress and Trauma into Positive Change

A herd of springbok grazes peacefully in the Bushveld. Suddenly, the wind shifts, carrying with it a new, but familiar scent. The springboks sense danger in the air and become instantly tensed to a hair trigger of alertness. They sniff, … Continue reading

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Horses as Coaches: What a horse can teach you

At present, I am involved in the development of a coaching program on communication and leadership with horses. This involvement was at first a professional opportunity to connect my life-long love for horses and the experience I have in that … Continue reading

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Would you benefit from coaching? – A simple checklist

There are a lot of misunderstandings around coaching, what it is and which benefits it can provide. If you consider getting a coach, this simple list can help you with your decision. 8 indications that you will benefit from coaching … Continue reading

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What are Metathoughts?

Ordinary Thoughts Thoughts are the driving force in our lives; every idea, action and creation originates in thought. However, most of the time we experience thoughts as automatic and accept our inner voice without reflection. The result are thought processes … Continue reading

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Coaching versus Psychotherapy: What you need to know

Recently I met an older lady who got a bit upset when she heard I am a psychologist. She told me a story which was similar to others I have heard before: being unhappy with her role towards her grown … Continue reading

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