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What Facebook Does (To You)

I had been an active Facebook user for six years since 2008 and honestly, the login was part of my daily routine for the vast majority of my days. A few months ago I deleted my account. Since then, a lot of … Continue reading

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Inspiring Metathoughts – Part II

This gallery contains 16 photos.

This Monday simply didn’t flow as smoothly as I always wish my Mondays to be like, so I decided to stop struggling and instead send out some Metathoughts I collected. This time the quotes and thoughts are focused around the … Continue reading

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Why Travelling is Real Life Condensed: 9 Lessons

The last months were marked by transition. Decisions and changes appeared ahead, as I redefined the road I’m choosing to travel. At the end stands the decision to leave South Africa for Europe, to do clinical psychology training in Munich, … Continue reading

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The path to happiness – Part III: Why you should make an effort to feel good

Read Part I and Part II of this series I recently spoke to a friend of mine about how we sometimes seem to gain something from being negative, sad or angry. Although we might be aware that our negativity doesn’t … Continue reading

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Inspiring Metathoughts – Part I

These are the quotes and thoughts which inspired me most over the last few months. Chose one which particularly speaks to you and leave me a comment on what it means for you, and how you are going to act … Continue reading

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Turning Stress and Trauma into Positive Change

A herd of springbok grazes peacefully in the Bushveld. Suddenly, the wind shifts, carrying with it a new, but familiar scent. The springboks sense danger in the air and become instantly tensed to a hair trigger of alertness. They sniff, … Continue reading

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Can we think ourselves healthy or sick?

Thinking about Positive Psychology and well-being, one  will sooner or later ponder the question whether and how our thinking, or mind, influences health and disease. Answers to this question vary greatly. On the one extreme is the traditional medical viewpoint, … Continue reading

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Horses as Coaches: What a horse can teach you

At present, I am involved in the development of a coaching program on communication and leadership with horses. This involvement was at first a professional opportunity to connect my life-long love for horses and the experience I have in that … Continue reading

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YouTube white board animation on Positive Psychology

Sometimes it can be difficult to explain certain concepts, where pictures make it so much easier. Enjoy! The video was created by Nick Standlea, a former research associate for Mike Csikszentmihalyi at the Quality of Life Research Center. Thank you very … Continue reading

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The path to happiness – Part II: What makes you (really) happy?

Read part I of this series: Why bad news is stronger than good news About a month ago, my financé and I were on holiday in Kwazulu-Natal and I was going to spend a day on my own. I was … Continue reading

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