Would you benefit from coaching? – A simple checklist

There are a lot of misunderstandings around coaching, what it is and which benefits it can provide. If you consider getting a coach, this simple list can help you with your decision.

8 indications that you will benefit from coaching

  1. You have goals you want to achieve. You are not sure on how to tackle them or look for support in order to get there (e. g. starting a new career, a project at work, writing a book, expanding your business…).
  2. You want to understand yourself better or learn a better way of thinking (read my blog on how I use Metathoughts in coaching).
  3. You want to increase your potential in a specific area of life (e. g. career performance, public speaking…).
  4. You want to change in some way (e. g. the way you live your life, communication, feel more satisfied…).
  5. You seek insight or clarity around a situation you find yourself in (e. g. on a relationship, your life situation…).
  6. You want to discover new possibilities and ways of doing things (e. g. living a healthy lifestyle, making friends…).
  7. You are stuck in a situation and don’t know how to get out of it (e. g. finding a new job).
  8. You are looking for an unbiased, professional conversation partner.

8 indications that coaching is not the right thing for you (and what you can do instead)

  1. You are suffering from a current crisis like a case of death (then counseling is probably the best solution).
  2. You are looking for advice on a specific topic based on someone’s personal experience (that would be mentoring).
  3. You would like to learn a specific professional skill (that would be training).
  4. You suffer from emotional pain and feel unable to approach your life’s challenges (then psychotherapy will be the right choice. Read my blog on the difference between psychotherapy and coaching).
  5. You want someone who will take all responsibility and instruct you on what to do (a teacher, personal (fitness) trainer or drill instructor might do that).
  6. Someone else wants you to be coached (for successful coaching, you should want to be there by yourself. It could help to find out why someone else would want you to do it).
  7. You mainly want to explore and understand your past (while not all therapy focuses on the past, coaching is always future-oriented).
  8. You are not willing to change (coaching is all about achieving desired change).

If you find your current situation reflected in one of the points of the first half, contact me for a free meeting or Skype session in order to find out how I can help you as a coach. The same offer applies even if you are not sure. I can refer you to excellent colleagues of mine who do counseling, psychotherapy and training in case coaching is not the right approach for your situation.

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1 Response to Would you benefit from coaching? – A simple checklist

  1. James Bauslaugh says:

    I like your 8 indications of benefiting from coaching! Totally agreed!

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